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GREENSEAL is the registered trade name of Greenseal Products (M) Sdn Bhd which covers a wide range of products used for the effective waterproofing and protection of concrete. We have been providing the complete and most effective waterproofing solution to cater to all kind of requirement in construction since 1977.

Greenseal Crystallization range is a cement based compound supplied in powder form which is formulated from high grade Portland cement, fine quartz sand and active chemical agents. It is ready to be mixed with water and applied as a slurry of mortar consistency. Greenseal Crystallization of products include GS100 (admixture), GS 200 (brush on crystallization), GS Injection Grout (GS Crystallization non-shrink grout), GS Flash Set (crystallization water plug) and GS Micro Grout (specialized crystallization grout for fine cracks).

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Greenseal is scheduled waste compliant

The chemical agents (organic and inorganic salts) in GREENSEAL require the presence of water, to react with oxides of, for instance calcium,aluminium, iron and others, to form large complex molecules. The ions all having one or more free chemical bonds as in (-R-mental or -R-) interact with each other or with other complex ions to produce a long chained complexes chemical bond which then crystalize in the concrete capillaries system. These molecular complexes are capable of bonding physically or chemically with considerable amounts of water. However, it still allows the passage of water vapour, thus allowing the concrete to breathe. The complexes are also capable of exchanging atom groups with nearby molecules in a similar way to ion exchange used in water softeners and can in this way penetrate thought the capillaries deep into the substrate. Here they react as described above with calciumoxides and hydroxides also popularly called “Free Lime”. The GREENSEAL formed crystals will remain in the concrete and at any later time attack by water, the crystallization process will continue.

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