Greenseal Cementitious waterproofing materials are formulated from Portland cement, fine quartz sand and active chemicals. Greenseal cementitious materials waterproof the concrete through the crystallization process, where the Greenseal chemical will form crystals inside the concrete to waterproof the material. A combination of GS 100, GS 200, GS 300, Flash Set and GS Injection Grout products are essential to totally waterproof concrete.

Greenseal 100

Greenseal 100 is a cementitious waterproofing admixture, which is an integral part of concrete to through crystallization process when Greenseal 100’s chemical agents react with water, a non-soluble crystalline will then be generated throughout the capillary voids in the concrete.

Greenseal 200

Greenseal 200 is a concrete waterproofing system formulated from Portland cement, fine quartz sand and active chemicals. It is a crystallization product that offers durable waterproof protection to concrete.

Greenseal 300

Cement based crystallization waterproofer for mortar consistency used in making coves and angle fillets. Use in conjunction with Greenseal 200. Surface: Surfaces must be clean and free from oil, dust, paint and laitance.

Greenseal Injection Grout

Greenseal Injection Grout is specially formulated for mortar/grouting in structural cracks and honeycomb concrete.  It is cement based compound supplied in powder form and formulated form Portland cement, fine quartz sand, active chemicals and retarding agent which will not saponify under wet and alkaline conditions.

Greenseal Flash Set

Greenseal Flash Set is a fast setting moisture proof (Water Plug) and cost saving hydraulic cement. It instantly and effectively stops water seepage and leakages throughout the concrete, masonry and applications that are under hydrostatic pressure.