It can be applied by roller, brush or by spraying. This system can be easily applied to corners, angles and non-uniform surfaces. This material forms very good elongation and a flexible waterproof membrane after curing.

Greenseal Flexi 201

Greenseal Flexi 201 is a flexible cementitious waterproofing that consists of two components. It consists of Portland cement, and selected well graded sand, formulated with specially selected and graded fine quartz and high quality latex to create brushable, smooth slurry with excellent bond and adhesion to most substrates.

Greenseal Flexi 202

Greenseal Flexi 202 is a highly flexible 2 part acrylic modified waterproofing membrane. It is suitable to be applied on concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration as to fill and seal pores and voids crack and hair line of all substrates and yet provides a breathable coating which allows water vapour transmission.