Greenseal Waterstops are designed to allow for expansion, contraction and other movements that can cause joints to open and close.They are designed for use in water retaining and water excluding structures where a positive seal is required for poured in-situ concrete expansion, contraction and construction joints.

Greenseal PVC Waterstop

Greenseal PVC Waterstops lead the way in high technology waterstops, combining 40 years of manufacturing know how to international standards. Greenseal Waterstops are extruded from specially compounded PVC in accordance with BS 2571 Class and ASTM 3 Type G3.

Greenseal Bentonite Waterstop

A flexible hydrophilic natural rubber & bentonite waterstop for construction joints and sealing precast elements that expands on contact with water. The bentonite in Greenseal Waterstop consists of tightly packed charged microscopic platelets, between and within these platelets there is a separation of charges positive and negative.

Greenseal Reinjectable

Greenseal Reinjectable is an advanced injection hose system designed for waterproofing construction joints in new and old structures, ready for subsequent injection of cementitious or polymeric compound to ensure water tightness. Greenseal Injection Tube is constructed from a specially formulated plastic with special slots which prevent the infiltration of concrete water and laitance during casting

Greenseal Polysulphide Sealant

Greenseal Polysulphide Sealant is a two part elastomeric polysulphide sealant used for sealing joints in building and civil engineering structures. The sealant cures to a tough resilient elastomer that will bond to most construction substrates and is durable when used in joints of hydraulic structures.