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We have been providing the complete and most effective waterproofing solution to cater to all kind of requirement in construction since 1977.


About Greenseal Products (M) Sdn Bhd

GREENSEAL is the registered trade name of Greenseal Products (M) Sdn Bhd which covers a wide range of products used for the effective waterproofing and protection of concrete. We have been providing the complete and most effective waterproofing solution to cater to all kind of requirement in construction since 1977.

Greenseal Crystallization range is a cement based compound supplied in powder form which is formulated from high grade Portland cement, fine quartz sand and active chemical agents. It is ready to be mixed with water and applied as a slurry of mortar consistency. Greenseal Crystallization of products include GS100 (admixture), GS 200 (brush on crystallization), GS Injection Grout (GS Crystallization non-shrink grout), GS Flash Set (crystallization water plug) and GS Micro Grout (specialized crystallization grout for fine cracks).


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Crystallization Systems

GreenealCementitious waterproofing materials are formulated from Portland cement, fine quartz sand and active chemicals. Greenseal cementitious materials waterproof the concrete through the crystallization process, where the Greenseal chemical will form…

Flexible Cementitious Systems

Flexible two component cement based polymerized waterproof coating. When applied on concrete and mortar surfaces, forms a cementitious waterproofing membrane to prevent water infiltration. Maintains substantial water vapour transmission.

Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

Torch On Waterproofing Membranes are prefabricated membranes manufactured with a selection of distilled bitumen and atactic polypropylene (APP). They have a double reinforcement of a non-woven polyester and a glass…

Water Repellent

Greenseal Water Repellent is a Siliconate used for imparting a colourless water-repellent surface finish to mineral building material without significantly reducing water vapour permeability. It is also used to provide…

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Systems

It can be applied by roller, brush or by spraying. This system can be easily applied to corners, angles and non-uniform surfaces. This material forms very good elongation and a…

Waterstop and Joint Sealant

Greenseal Waterstops are designed to allow for expansion, contraction and other movements that can cause joints to open and close.They are designed for use in water retaining and water excluding…

Flooring System

Greenseal flooring systems are a blend of high quality aggregates, special types of cement and chemical which monolithically applied into fresh concrete. They give added protection against wear, impact and…

Grouting System

Greenseal Grouting System is specially formulated good for bonding physically and chemically in the capillaries of this cracks and honey combs in the concrete where it also expand and seals…

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